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BAR TAB INSURANCE-Gross Ace Pot-2021, #1

This is the area to pay for your:

To remain current, your $25  BAR TAB INSURANCE premium must be paid again after any qualifying ace and at the beginning of the 2022.  

This Payment only covers the initial entry into BAR TAB INSURANCE through 2021. 
This is a gross ace pot. To qualify, 

    1. Ace must be made at Raccoon Creek with one other current BAR TAB INSURANCE holder in your group
    2. Ace must be from the Blue or Black Tee Markers
    3. BAR TAB INSURANCE will be paid in cash
    4. Maximum bartab that can be run up against BAR TAB INSURANCE is $500 or 1/3 of the pot (whichever is lower)
    5. There are no other other restrictations
    6. The BAR TAB INSURANCE fund will grow with annual entry fees until it is won
    7. All questions and disputes are subject to the ruling of the Raccoon Creek Professional Staff