Elite Player’s Pass Complimentary Clinic Details

We offer complimentary 1-hour clinics for Elite Players Holders 3 days per week from April – October. Clinics include range balls. Please contact the golf shop to register in advance and check-in for the clinic on your way to the range or practice area.  

Clinic days/times: Fridays – 4-5pm Saturdays 10-11am Sundays 10-11am


In 2020 we will have a rotation of 4 primary clinic topics then we will offer a rotating specialty topic on the 5th session before the rotation begins again. The complete clinic schedule is available above.


Here are some details on the 4 primary clinic topics:  

Full Swing Woods

Meet on the east end of the range. Class will focus on all swing fundamentals as they relate to your Driver and Fairway Woods.  

Putting and Chip ‘n Run

Meet on the upper putting Green. Class will focus on putting fundamentals including an introduction rules and etiquette on the green and green reading. We will also cover Chip n’ Run style shots close to the Green. 

Full Swing Irons/Hybrids

Meet on the east end of the Driving Range. Class will focus on all swing fundamentals as they relate to your Irons and Hybrids. 

Pitch Shots and Sand 

Meet at the Lower Chipping Area near #11 fairway until the new chipping area opens. Class will focus on Pitch shots up to 50 yards and play from Greenside Bunkers. 


Here are some details on the 5 Rotating Specialty Topics

Increase Distance / Fix your Slice!

Learn the causes of and cures for the dreaded slice! Learn how to increase your club speed and convert that into added distance on your shots. Learn why these two topics are so closely related. 

Lower your Scores!

You practice and play but your score doesn’t improve. Learn why and find out what you can do to break this cycle and start posting better scores! 

Understand the Rules (and Etiquette) 

Gain a better understanding of the Rules of Golf including how to use your smart phone for rules assistance. Learn the advanced etiquette expected by advanced players so you can be comfortable in any situation.  

Specialty Shots 

How to: hit from a divot; hit from the rough; control the trajectory and curve the ball. 

Advanced Putting Techniques 

Your alignment and distance control are probably pretty sketchy! Learn how tour players practice their putting so you can stop 3-putting and make more putts.